Operation of The Sun

An interesting estate of affairs.

(dont mind my horrible puns)

-The group all sleep in and more or less chill out and think of what they want to do now.
-They decide to check one of the areas that the Doctor’s lab might be in, so they then pack up and leave, heading in the direction of Evron since it leads to either of the possible lab spots.
-As they begin to travel, Lucien remembers Amellie is from Evron and asks if she has another Estate there that they might be to use to rest while on their way. SHe says she does and its her main home, and that it is perfect, because it is right along the way they need to go, so they begin to head into Evron and to Amellie’s home.
-They travel for about 15 days, along the way they grow closer as freinds (and maybe for a certain two, lovers?), they tell eachother about their pasts and childhoods and why they went to the mages college.
-They finally arrive at Amellie’s home estate, and all the boys are blown away and a bit intimidated with the extravagence and power Amellie’s family has.
-They also meet her mother, who is quickly over joyed in seeing Amellie. though she seems suspicious of her daughter’s traveling companions.
-though that is quickly fixed, due to Lucien’s manners and Collin’s adorableness and Forouq’s…….uh Forouq-ness.
-Her mother interogates the three boys, to her satisfaction for the moment, then she takes them out to see the whole of the Estate.
-In which Collin goes adorable all over the animals, Forouq kinda wanders about, and Lucien and Amellie pretty much turn into an adorable lovey dovey cutness show not so secretly as they think in front of her mother.
-After a bit, Collin and Forouq ask Amellie’s mother for some transportation to town, which she agrees and sends a gaurd to guide and watch over them, and then her group continues it show of the Estate(now taken over by Amellie)
-So while that is happening, Collin and Forouq head into the capital, where Forouq teaches Collin how to get a familiar. which it turns out is the puppy he saves from being caught on fire.
-Traumatized from this event, Collin (who has a unkown to the others a sevier fear of fire) is taken back to the estate by Forouq and the gaurd.
-now on their way back to the main house of the estate Lucien is the first to spot Collin and Forouq, who then goes running to them and then the others after him.
-they find Collin in a trumatic state with a partially burnt puppy in his arms (which Lucien heals) and they take him inside and lay him on a couch to recoop.
-Amellie’s mom decides to watch over him, whil Forouq goes to his room to think and sleep.
-Lucien asks Amallie to show him around the inside of the home, since they have seen the rest of the estate. She agrees and she shows him around, then whe they are done she challanges him to a game of hide and seek that turns more into a game of chase(and romance).
-Collin eventually recovers and is able to begin bonding more with his new familiar, which consists of being very hungry.
-so dinner is fixed and all are called for and gathered to have an interesting dinner with Amellie’s mother.



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