Operation of The Sun

Zombies love holding hands.

- The group after dinner, heads to bed (except later for Lucien and Amellie who have some alone time.)
- When they awake they continue their journey to Gale, were they rent a couple of rooms at an Inn were the Brotheres will be performing.
- After settling in, and finding that the brothers wont perform till midnight, the group decides to kill time, in their different ways;

  • Collin decides to go roof hopping and visit the local mages college, for books and other magicy stuff (we also find out more of his obssession with dragons).
  • Forouq decides to stare at Amellie’s tits for a while, then heads to the mages guild to study, were he meets and chills out with Collin (and Lucien for a bit).
  • Lucien follows Collin (on foot) to the mages guild, chats with him, looks at some books then heads back to catch Amellie doing somthing adorable.
  • Amellie decides to stay at the inn to think up possible plans to get information out of the Bard Brothers. while so she glares at Forouq having a staring contest with her tits. then later gets caught being adorable.

-The day went on as all the members of the group went about killing some time till midnight.
-when midnight eventually rolled around, the group gathered in the Inn’s dining hall/stage area. Where the brothers were starting their performance.
- As the brothers began to play, an unknown type of music hit our groups ears, causing what appeared to be some sort of enchantment, that Amellie and Lucien seemed to break free of.(and Forouq unkown to them cause he decided to join in the smosh pit created by the music)
- Seeing no harm, Amellie and Lucien waited and enjoyed this interesting new kind of music, waiting for the after party to aproach the brothers.
- After the (concert?)performance, The group decided to talk with the brothers. Which included some horrible flirting on Amellie’s part, some hyper creeper fangirling from Collin, some casual connecting with Forouq and some observations from Lucien.
- The group wasnt able to get a lot of information out of the brothers (besides some interesting lore on how they came to possess Veloth instruments) before they began to immediatly pack up and leave town. So the group decided to follow them.
- They followed at a good distance, till they arrived at a gravyard a good distance from Gale or any other city. The group entered making sure to be well hidden (except Collin apparently), they watched as a brothers met with a strange figure on a hill, they tried to sneak closer to listen to what they were saying, which was successful until the brothers were ordered by the stranger to raise around 100 undead, then they began to play their enchanted instruments and the dead began to rise from the graves. Lucien cast a spell to stop the graves around them from rising, but this caused the brothers to notice Collin and Forouq.
- They ordered the undead to grab them, and as Lucien and Amellie were fumbling for a plan to save them, Collin escaped the ones after him and started rnning towards Amellie and Lucien, leaving Forouq to be lifted and ‘surfed" up to the Bard brothers and the stranger.
-Lucien, not wanting them both caught and seeing how Forouq wasnt immediatly killed but captured, he stood up and willingly went with the zombies (which not wanting to touch a preist one of them just held his hand as they led him, lol.),While Amellie using the horde of zombies as cover snuck around and just behind the hill where the Bard Brothers where and watched.
- The three were brought in front of the brothers, who then recognized them, as their “devoted fans”. they casually interogated them as all members of the party witnessed as the zombies were led into a portal that seemed to lead to hell itself. Which they found from questioning the brothers it was, they used it like a mode of transportation for things.
-As the exchange continued we learned that the stranger was none other than the Doctor (and no this is sadly not a doctor who reference) and he was getting more and more aggitated as the convo prgressed, ordering the brothers to kill the three. But the Bard brothers being a more neutral sort didnt want to, so the Doctor decided to take it upon himself, so he drew his sword and began a limping charge towards our three.
-Lucien quickly drew his crossbow, and in his rush to stop the mad Doctor shot him in the throat instead of his leg or some such area to keep him alive (for information purposes). So thus the Doctor dropped gurgling to the ground, leaving everyone in shock, till he twitched then Lucien nervously shot him again. (double tap baby)
- Now the Doctor definatly dead, our party realized that they were now at a dilema, for the brothers had no information on the headmasters death, but they informed that the one who did, was the Doctor, who now lay still and definatly, definatly dead.
- Though the brothers informed our party that the Doctor’s lab might have some information, the problem though, is that they dont know where that is either. but they know where it might be, which they narrowed down to somewhere in Kelor or Osof.
- about this time the party had also been figuring out what to do with the open portal to hell. before they could do much a large demon came out of the portal.
- Forouq and Collin got the demons attention, while lucien got in position to attack the monster with his blessed weapons. (Amellie got her magic and crossbow ready for support, while the bard brothers waited to see how this fight would turn out)
-With it distracted Lucien kill shoted the demon (MOTHERFUCKER) then went and closed the portal after everyone got over the shock of this CRAZYASSSHITRIGHTHERE!!!.
-the party continued there convo with the Bard Brothers, this time finding that they knew Darcy and were really sad of her death.
-After some farewells the party parted ways and the party headed back to the Inn.
-When they returned Amellie went straight to bed, but the boys found out why Collin has been in an odd mood latly, CAUSE HE’S GOT FEELS!!!!
-Then they too went to bed.



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